Deliver solutions that enable enterprise to comprehensively achieve their IT Security Strategy

IT Security Specialists

Deliver solutions that enable enterprise to comprehensively achieve their IT Security Strategy
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Risk Analysis

Establish a baseline for measuring risk across your organisation by pulling together many strands of risk into one unified system, offering the management team and the executive’s clarity in identifying, viewing, understanding, and managing risk.

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Data governance encompasses the individuals, processes, and information technology required to create consistent and appropriate conduct of the organisation’s data across the business enterprise. Goals may be defined at all levels of the enterprise and doing so may aid in acceptance of processes by those who will need to use them.

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Threat Protection

Organisations today seek a strategic, holistic approach to infrastructure and network security, using best practices and technologies designed to work together. In the past, cyber security businesses have dealt with network and endpoint security separately. Now, as threats multiply exponentially, businesses require multiple layers of protection.

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Security Awareness

End users are becoming the largest security risk in organisations today. Through no fault of their own, and mostly due to a lack of awareness and business ICT policy, employees can inadvertently open the virtual gates to attackers.

Great things in business are never done by one person; they are done by a team of people. Steve Jobs
Identify risks, maintain compliance and create internal security awareness.

IT Security is a fragmented market with multiple products designed to address specific risks or compliance issues, audit requirements or enterprise objectives, individually, they typically fail to provide a comprehensive, unified picture of the threat landscape. Instead of becoming more agile in their response to today’s security challenges, increased complexity is created in enterprises that can become overwhelming for IT security teams.

Organisations need to take a universal approach to IT Security to successfully deliver security capable of addressing today's risks. Our strategic approach cuts through the mayhem and is designed to simplify risk management and ensure that all critical controls for effective enterprise security are in place. Established in 2005, Layer7 Networking continues to deliver solutions that enable our customers to comprehensively achieve their IT security vision and business objectives.

Our portfolio and services have evolved into a holistic approach that considers the organisations capabilities to achieve compliance, as well as, to monitor for and prevent attacks on the network, on the endpoint and across all your organisations IT assets. Our strengths are integrating solutions that secure and optimise the datacentre & cloud, data governance, incident response and management, risk analytics, threat protection, secure mobility, educating users and overall operational security.

  • encrypted authentication using U2F

  • Next generation firewall confiiguration

  • Migrate configurations between different firewall brands

  • Test websites and corporate environments to identify security weaknesses

Technologies and Services

We use a wide variety of best-of-breed technologies to assist in deployment and management of network security hardware and software, from the perimiter to the end user.

User Identification

Ensure secure login to workstations and the network using iDKI, making use of strong multi-factor authentication using U2F.


Next Generation Firewalls
Our technical team is certified in a variety of next-generation firewall technologies. We can deploy any of the major brands in even the most complex environments.


Firewall rule-base migration
We can migrate firewall configurations from one technology brand to another to ensure ease of deployment, especially moving from older systems to next generation firewalls.


Firewall configuration and installation
The Layer7 Networking support team is certified on a variety of security platforms to assist with the configuration and deployment of most next generation firewalls and a variety of other security products.