June 13, 2017

Risk Analytics

“Know thy self, know thy enemy.  A thousand battles, a thousand victories.” Sun Tzu

Today, risk analytics techniques make it possible to measure, quantify, and even predict risk with more certainty than ever before.  Take the guesswork out of managing risk-related issues by using a range of techniques and technologies to extrapolate insights, calculate likely scenarios, and predict future events.

Your organisation’s exposure to risk is influenced by increasing volumes of structured data i.e. databases and unstructured data i.e. websites, social media, and blogs that are available internally and externally of the enterprise.  Risk analytics can be leveraged to integrate this data into a single, unified view, gather valuable information, and enable actionable insights.

Establish a baseline for measuring risk across your organisation by pulling together many strands of risk into one unified system, offering the management team and the executive’s clarity in identifying, viewing, understanding, and managing risk.


  • Security Intelligence
  • Network Forensics
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Security Benchmarking
  • Penetration Testing and Validation