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Blue Coat Packetshaper is an appliance-based technology that provides powerful visibility and bi-directional control of network communications.


Packetshapers provides Layer 7 visibility into network utilization and application performance. Integrating transparently, Packetshapers determines how WAN and Internet resources are utilized, identifies causes of performance problems, and provides a path to fix those problems.

  • Increase visibility and simplify troubleshooting by isolating performance issues quickly
  • Identify the true nature of traffic and differentiate between mission-critical, recreational, and malicious traffic types, even over common ports
  • Monitor utilization and performance by link, application, or users
  • Identify misbehaving users and malicious traffic
  • Track application response times and quickly identify if issues are server- or network-related
  • Establish and monitor service-level agreements for critical applications or links
  • Provide detailed performance diagnostics that include connection profiling and server responses (TCP Health), PacketCapture, traffic forensic history and more

PacketShaper traffic shaping technology allows you to fix WAN and Internet performance problems. Shaping controls bandwidth utilization and application performance by actively preventing network congestion. Packeteer allows you to ensure true QoS for mission-critical applications - from voice and video to CRM and ERP.

  • Eliminate the network as the source of performance issues
  • Quickly fix performance of critical applications by ensuring that bandwidth resources are allocated appropriately
  • Stop the cycle of bandwidth upgrades -- reclaim bandwidth by controlling recreational and malicious traffic and preventing inefficient networks
  • Control network congestion, traffic latency, and application response times (overcomes queuing deficiencies in routers and other devices)