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Nutanix provides cloud-computing solutions, which have revolutionized the datacentre space. Through providing virtual platform, consolidated with high performance and scalability, Nutanix is a cloud storage service offered at a lower price than other traditional infrastructure solutions.


The Nutanix solution converges the server tier and storage tier infrastructures into a single, effectively integrated and simplified appliance. In addition, Nutanix flexes its muscles by using similar technologies and design as innovative IT giants like Google and Facebook.

If you are looking for simplicity in your datacenter infrastructures then Nutanix is the computing platform for you and your business. Nutanix is revolutionary and radically simple for a number of reasons:

  • Deployment in less than 30 minutes Great time to value ratio
  • No disruptions to operations
  • Scales easily
  • Powerful, robust off-the-shelf hardware
  • Cost and storage complexity reduction
  • Operates well with legacy components
  • Protects the investments you have already made
  • Advanced storage capabilities

The simplicity of Nutanix's "building-block" like structure allows your business to start with small deployments and evolve these deployments into larger, cluster installations. In essence, you get the best of both worlds; high-performance servers and enterprise-class storage.

For more information on one of the world's most efficient and advanced datacenters and cloud computing platforms, contact us.