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LastPass is the last password that you will ever need to remember.


Lastpass have implemented AES 256-bit encryption with routinely increased PBKDF2 iterations. All sensitive data is encrypted and decrypted locally before syncing with LastPass. Your key never leaves your device, and is never shared with LastPass. Your data stays accessible only to you.

Laspass Premium integrates with multifactor authentication by Yubico as well to add a second level of security to your account protection.

LastPass Premium gives you access to all of our mobile apps for smartphones and tablets. With support for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and more, you'll be able to manage your data on the road so you have what you need, in any situation.


Use LastPass Enterprise to protect your company's assets by encouraging and enforcing strong passwords. Manage onboarding, offboarding, and provisioning for new staff from a single, easy-to-use portal, with configurable policies that adapt to your security standards. LastPass increases efficiency through a system that saves time and money while improving team productivity.