Businesses are reliant on IT infrastructure to provide fast and efficient delivery of their products and services. Streamlining and optimizing these resources increases the organizations' productivity.

Network audits are aimed at determining the efficiency, performance and reliability of the IT infrastructure to reduce the costs associated with downtime and poor application performance.

Through protocol analysis, analysts focus on providing valuable information that aids in capacity planning, network configuration, infrastructure and application migration and application deployment.

The outputs from a network audit can be used to baseline the current network setup, corrective actions and optimizations can be made and referenced back to the previous network audit. This information can then be used in defining thresholds for which triggers and alarms can be set for network monitoring and management.

The benefits of having network health checks include:

  • Document and baseline the current network trend information.
  • Provide detailed information for capacity planning i.e. network visibility.
  • Reduce the risks associated with network migrations.
  • Ensure that deployed applications perform optimally in the production environment.
  • Generating accurate and meaningful thresholds for network monitoring and management.

WAN Health checks serves as a once off investigatory service that provides business and IT staff with accurate information as to what is happening on the network. Total visibility over what is utilizing the network resources and who is doing it.

By deploying network probes at the remote sites, we are able to provide response time per application (as the user feels it). Our active directory integrated technologies assist in tracking user activity across the network, irrespective of IP address.

Doing a WAN audit empowers network architects, CIO's and engineers to :

  • Identify applications currently traversing the wide area network
  • The ability to do baseline analysis on business applications and their performance on the network
  • Manage and reduce the impact of rouge and social applications on business applications
  • Determine voice requirements and do capacity planning accordingly

WAN audits are done to create a visual understanding of what applications are running on the WAN. With the ease of access to more and more bandwidth, large numbers of applications have taken over capacity on networks. An audit is the only way to get a true understanding of what is running on the network and to determine how much bandwidth is corporately purchased for non-business applications and how do these applications impact corporate operations.