Application profiling service is geared towards base-lining an application. Understanding what an application does and how it does it, is essential in today's environments.

As businesses continue to grow, there is an ever-increasing demand for fast applications. The webification of applications and the astronomic rise of social applications is placing ever-increasing pressure on business application performance on the network.

Profiling an application provides detailed information depicting how the application utilizes valuable network resources, which enables Business and IT to make more effective and responsible decisions regarding their business critical applications.

During application profiling, each process within an application is tested on a single user basis to determine the exact network impact and traffic patterns generated by each process.

This allows developers and network architects to plan for capacity as well as identify 'heavy' processes that could be optimized for better performance.

Depending on the specific application and business requirements, an application can be tested for performance directly at user level, or can be tracked down to backend processing as well. The tools used will identify, even from directly behind the application user, where possible delays originate - from the network or the server. This allows for faster identification of processes that can be optimized on the back-end or for more optimal network performance, such as images in we applications.